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Issue 10: October-November

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First, The Great Depression, Now, The Neopian Depression?

           I read on a website about the Tyrannian war, that there was to be a MAJOR food shortage when the war hit. Could this be true? Back in the 1930's the people suffered, after the stock market crash of 1929, are we to suffer the same fate when Meridell attacks Tyrannia? What will we do if this happens? Our pets have to eat and with a food shortage, we as Neopians just MIGHT be in trouble! If Neopian stores only sell 1-2 of each item, prices will skyrocket more than they already have, and THEN we'll have a problem. I've heard of goin broke to collect certain items... but goin broke to EAT?
           Now those of us who are considered "well off"... we'd survive, we'd lose a lot of unnecessary NP, but we'd survive. But what about the not so well off Neopians?? Those who struggle day in and day out to feed their pets on a day-to-day basis as it is?? What will happen to all those poor little pets if their owners can't afford to feed them?? It would be so sad to have to watch all those pets go to the pound, and all over a food shortage and price increase due to the war.
           So my next question is this, what can we do to avoid havin to put our pets in the pound because we can't feed them? One word for all you Neopians out there, rich and not so fortunate...preparation. None of us know for sure if this so called food shortage is actually going to take place, so wouldn't you all rather be safe than sorry? Start preparin yourself for the food shortage NOW, just in case, before it's too late. There are tons of extremely cheap foods out there as of now that we could all stock up on... omelettes, certain fruits, doughnuts, etc. None of these items are really that expensive to buy as of now, but you never know when their going to skyrocket as some of the other foods have, so stock up while their still cheap.
           I personally plan to be prepared if this food shortage does take place. The way I see it, Neopets gave us a safety deposit box with unlimited use, why not put it to GOOD use? Throw out all the junk you don't need and fill your safety deposit box with a combination of cheap foods that will keep all of your young neopets happy and bloated. Some pets are very picky about the cheap foods, so here is an idea. Buy a few really cheap foods, different kinds and try to feed it to your pets. If they don't complain, hey you're in the clear. Go buy TONS of it and fill you safety deposit box to the brim.
           Now you might be askin yourself, "why would I go waste the NP on a maybe"? Well it all goes back to the whole "better safe than sorry" theory. If you buy lots and lots and lots of 1-5NP foods that you KNOW your pet will enjoy, and the food shortage DOES hit... then you haven't spent your NP in vein.
           However, if this is just a big rumor meant to scare us... then you can always sell them after the war is over for the same price you bought them for, either way you win. I'd like to think all of you would be willin to spend the NP to make sure you have happy and bloated pets durin our time of chaos, and for those of you who aren't... well, I'm sure you'll miss your pet a great deal if you wind up havin to put it in the pound, due to not bein able to feed it if the food shortage actually hits us... and you weren't prepared. So to all of you out there who'd do anything to make sure your pet was happy, if you remember nothin else from this article... just remember these two things: it's better to be safe than sorry, and preparation is the key to all happiness.

Written By: ReD_eViL_RaVeN