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Issue 10: October-November

A Verse of Celebration

T’was a day of Celebration
While all began to rejoice
We hear the reverberation
Of a tiny voice.

So small was he,
Hiding under a quigg’
I searched where it could be,
Then I caught a glimpse under the quiggle, so big.

A pteri, so cute,
And just as any neopet, he had the right to speak.
Climbed a top my boot,
Then moved his beak.

“All ye neopians, friends of mine,
Join me in a toast of this fine wine.
For we gather together on this day,
And raise our glasses in this way.
To the ones whom love us so dear,
And listen with a caring ear.
Who love us all the time
Whether speaking smart, stupid or in rhyme.
So now toast to the best gift, a true gift, not a lie.
Raise your glasses on up so high,
So let us praise love, the best gift of all,
The one you can give, whether you're big or small.”
By: Scorpion113