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Issue 10: October-November


Top Ten Things to do with a Grarrl

10. See how many bottles of sand it will eat untill it explodes.
9. Make a tunnel in the giant omelette.
8. Grarrl-proof your stuff before he eats it.
7. Make your little sister shut up.
6. Reenact Jurassic park.
5. Reenacting Jurassic Park with chombies.
4. Kick him in the junk and RUN!!!!
3. Hunt Osama!
2. Find osama!



The Joy of Whack-A-Beast

I ready myself to mame,
And arm myself with a mallet and aim.
At these ugly little beasts, they are so mean!
Red, orange, blue and green.
You pop up at me,
Then you see,
A mallet coming down on thee.
No beast can beat me, in there.
More beasts to smash? Just tell me where
I return to my usual place.
To continue to pumble the beasts leaving in the face.
Oh what fun. I smash away!
OH NO! A Quiggle in the way.
Poor little Quiggle shouldn't have sprung up,
I flattened him like a paper cup.
Beginning to mourn and cry, I look at the timer...
Just a few seconds left on that clock.
I smash and I bash. Oh man I rock!
Scoring 350...400 or more.
Scoring until my fingers get sore.
Whack-A-Beast what incredible fun.
Oh that's all, this ode is done.