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Issue 10: October-November

Just How Far Will a Scammer Go?

*hisses* SCAM!

           Why is it that scammers think we're completely stupid? I have some hilariously funny, real neomails I was sent by a few scammers and I just don't get how ANY person could be stupid enough to fall for this stuff! I mean take this for example someone posted in the shop-ad chat they would sell a full lab map set for between 40-60K. This was supposed to help out the less fortunate who wanted to train their pets well. SO I thought to myself... Now why does this seem like a scam to me? So I neomailed the person and told them that all I had was 50K and very BADLY wanted the full lab map set (untrue of course). This is the neomail they sent me in reply...

           ~*~the thing is that its on this account, id have to trade you the account for the money, and for that you have to trust me since some people think its a scam, its your choice really, since all you got is 50k, ill prob give it to you for 42k, i think that would be ok, im not sure yet, ill gat back to ya later~ i g2g, ill answer back tomoro or later on, see ya ~*~

           Now that neomail wasn't changed in any way, shape or form. SO not only are they stupid enough to think I'm going to fall for that, they can't spell or type either. Tell you anything? 9 times out of 10, scammers are stupid people themselves. The problem is, there are people who are even MORE stupid that actually fall for this stuff. Here is another good example... I put my Halloween Paint Brush (that I paid 77K for) into trade to be sold. I'd bought it cheap plannin to sell it for profit for halloween. Someone neomailed me tellin me what they'd give me for it, here is what they had to say.


           I of course thought maybe it was a newbie who didn't know any better. So, I simply neomailed them back and let them know that their one lab map piece wasn't near worth what my paint brush was worth. So then they came back with this...

           ~*~no........ what is my map peice not worth it???i'll trough in a million digree sword with it! (i've been trieng to get rid of them forever) can you also help me with my trading post? i don't know how to do it~*~

           Also scammers are not the best of spellers as you can see. So I neomailed them again and told them no, that still wasn't a fair deal. So THEN they came back with this...

           ~*~hello but have you checked the charts? everywhere you look you see map peices for like 200k your right your p/b is worth probly 60k but i'm throughing in a free million digree sword with it imagine how the snowager would feel with that sliced through him! it's worth 25k yours free! dang i sound like some camercial!(lol)~*~

           Now by this time I was REALLY annoyed, so I neomailed them back and told them their map piece was worth about 9-12K and their 25K sword they were just SO hip on givin me for FREE (Free? Hello I'd just told them their one map piece wasn't worth it!) was REALLY only worth about 7K.

           Now WHO in their right mind actually falls for stuff like this? It's OBVIOUS this person didn't look up the worth of either of those items and just made up prices they thought they MIGHT be worth, in order to get me to say yes to them havin my Halloween Paint Brush. Good thing for me I'm not stupid and I've been around for a while, other wise I'd have been out about 85K... and all thanks to yet ANOTHER scammer on Neopets. When will it ever end? I'd say probably never. But at least we get a good laugh right?? :)

Written By: ReD_eViL_RaVeN

~*~The EgN Bakesale - A HUGE SUCCESS!!~*~

           I'd like to begin this article by thankin each and every one of you that participated in the EgN Bake Sale, donators and buyers alike. I came up with the idea to have a bake sale a few weeks back thinkin maybe it would be a good way to make us a little profit. I'm proud to announce to one and all, that the EgN Bake sale was a HUGE hit. We sold every single item early on in the day, I had to restock more than once to keep it goin, and we brought in a WHOPPIN 119,652NP by the end of the day!! In fact, we did SO well that EgN leader, Scorpion113 decided it would be a good idea to have an EgN bake sale on the 20th of EVERY month!
           We had doughnuts, cakes, cookies, croissants, pastys, pastries, and crepes of every size, shape, color, and flavor! Now with EgN havin a bake sale on the 20th of every month, I guarantee your pet won't be able to WAIT for the day when the EgN Bake sale takes place. They'll be lookin forward to the 20th of every month, as we look forward to the 3rd of every month! Pets all over Neopia will go to bed the night before, dreamin of lemon, chocolate, thornberry, and every other flavor imaginable!!
           For those of you who wish to participate in the bake sale every month to help out the EgN, neomail Adamp2 or ReD_eViL_RaVeN for further information. Scorpion113 gave out an AMAZIN 4 RP for every single bake sale item donated, so for all you RP lovers out there... this is your chance to score big points! There may be an RP limit set, so best be advised to neomail before you donate. This bake sale took place out of Eliteneofoodshop2, but an account made especially for the EgN Bake sales will soon be created for all of who wishes to participate, to send their donations to.
           There you have it folks, all the facts and details of the EgN Bake sale. Havin laid out all the facts for all to know how well we did, I'd now just like to say CONGRATULATIONS EgN on your huge success!! May ALL of our bake sales be as big of a hit as this one was. Remember to bring your pets to the EgN Bake sale on the 20th of every month, and another big THANK YOU to all participants!!

Written By: ReD_eViL_RaVeN