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Issue 10: October-November

The Chomby Files

      All my life I’ve lived a secret. I’ve been forced to live an isolated life with no friends, no companions. My life began as a Lupe, and it turned into something horrible…

      I was born to a green Eyrie and a blue Gelert. Sound weird yet? Well I’m just getting started. The day I was born, the 5th day of relaxing I was abandoned alongside the road to my neohome. I never found out why, and I probably never will. All I remember from those first few days of my existence was wandering around Terror Mountain, shivering and shaking. I wandered from the Top of the Mountain down the icy path to the Ice Caves. I crawled into the neggery and looked up at the Negg Faerie. She saw my needy face with my big blue baby eyes and looked into them. I was starving, I hadn’t eaten in two days and I was just a baby.
       “Here you go, you little cutie,” said the Negg Faerie as she placed a Happiness Negg at my feet. Not comprehending this gesture I stared back into her deep green eyes with a blank face. Looking back at me she picked up the negg and cut it into small pieces and carefully popped each piece into my mouth. I walked around the Neggery and soon stumbled into her storage room. She quickly shoved me out and gave me another piece of the negg. She then gently pushed me out the door and turned the open sign that was on the door around so it read: “Out for afternoon lunch”...

Written by Gamecubemastr


      Today was just like every other day. I woke up at 6:00 AM and started playing videogames. I began to get extremely far in Resident Evil and got so engrossed I forgot to eat breakfast. After I best the second to last level in the game I slowly pushed down on the grey button on the Gamecube allowing it to shutoff. Little did I know I hadn’t totally shut it off. I switched the channels on my TV until I got to the COMPUTER screen. Just recently my dad had bought me a plug-in that allowed me to use my computer, Gamecube, and digital camcorder on the TV. I turned on my computer and then walked back to the TV where my mouse and keyboard awaited my fingers. Just like every other day I typed www.neopets.com into the url box. I clicked on new news just to see what was happening in Neopets. I quickly took a glance at the top of my TV and saw the red light flashing on my digital camcorder. Mistaking it to be charging up I continued to play Neopets. I went to the stats’s page for all the neopets and noticed that Shoyru was the most popular. I cursed as I saw that Lupe’s were only in fifth. But I looked down the screen and saw that every single Neopet was there. As I was about to go to EXPLORE an advertisement popped up on the screen. It was like no other advertisement I had ever seen before. It took up the whole screen and there was no way to exit out of it. I then heard a maniacal laughter and knew the worst had come. Evil Dr. Sloth came onto the screen and began to talk.
       “My fellow friend. I have an offer you can’t refuse. Because if you do refuse it I will blow you to pieces.”        “Wow Neopets is getting good at their advertising,” I thought.
       “This is no advertisement!” Dr. Sloth fumed as I began to shake and perspiration fell down my head. “Now listen carefully sonny. I see you are a master of eletronics. Well I was hoping actually I think I will begin demanding that you come to my secret hideout and build me the ultimate Neopet Lab Ray so I can then zap all Neopians and turn them into mutants and my slaves.”
       “Excuse me Mr. I mean Dr. Sloth I think you need an eng…” “QUIET BOY! Now you will come with me.” Since the Dr. had not heard me that he needed an engineer and I was to frightened to disagree with him I slowly nodded my head. I got up and tried to walk away from the T.V but some kind of force was pulling me into it. I then flew into the T.V. and began swirling around. I felt like I was in one of those old shows where they have a cutout of the person turning around in someone’s drawing. All of a sudden I heard a loud explosion and it felt as if my heart was taken from my body…

Written by Gamecubemastr